The framework of the club track Clubtrack ist based on the patented system of the World Cup inrun tracks of the Peter Riedel GmbH. It offers first-class-in-run track quality for clubs an youth jumps at a small price:

"It is important for us to support the clubs in their youth work and to offer them a reasonably priced, but no less qualitative solution, which we now also supply in a foolproof self-assambly system. It shoud be self-evident that the youth can train and compete an the same quality tracks as the 'big ones'!" - Peter Riedel


  • Stainless steel track with high-quality porcelain knobs
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Available as winter-, summer- or combination track
  • 450m clubtrack installed in 2017 alone
  • Durable, with a ten-year warranty on the stainless steel support structure
  • Only use of certified products




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» Flyer CLUBTRACK Edelstahl (pdf)