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Dear friends of skiing, it’s me, your JumpGuru!

I look like I’m old and frail and you will surely wonder how I make it up the ski jumping hills, let alone back down. Therefore, I collected a few small facts about me, so you can stop worrying about me:

I was born on a Sunday (That has little to say, but I do have to start somewhere, don’t I?)
Even I don’t know my exact age but I do feel like a fit 30-year-old, whereas my soul is that of an old hare. Well, that’s the case with us Gurus quite often, isn’t it?

My mother was a ski bunny from the Erzgebirge and my father a handsome eagle from the Alps so I probably imbibed my interests from my infancy.
I rather not let the internet know my profession and my place of residence so I’ll only say this much: where there is snow, I’m happy to go. On the “boards that mean the world”, as Schiller said. I am married but Mrs. Guru insists to “not get dragged into this hobby of yours”, so I may not disclose further information on her.    

Well, that’s it. There’s really not more to say about me. My hobby, as Mrs. Guru calls it, is skiing. What greater joy is there in life than to run along ski trails or down the inruns or alpine tracks? And I want to be able to share this joy with you and allow you an unique look behind the scenes.

Your JumpGuru.

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