Kick-off in Hinzenbach on top material

With 120 starters from host Austria, the Czech Republic, Germany, Poland and Romania the Childrens Four Hill Tournament will kick-off this weekend in Hinzenbach. The youth athletes are competing with their international competition for the 19th time, and they are eager to follow their great idols of the Winter Four Hill Tournament. At least as far as the track is concerned, they have come a long way closer to their big idols: All three competition jumps of tomorrow's competition day - the K10, the K20 and the HS47 - are equipped with the club track of Peter Riedel GmbH. "We have an excellent track with a high-quality start-up feeling and fair conditions across the field. It is nice that the new generation can also try out first-class material“, sais Bernhard Zauner, the OK chief of Hinzenbach.