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Peter Riedel - „The best ski jumps in the world“– Film premiere

The best ski jumps in the world are fascinating, technical masterpieces of winter...

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Last Saturday the second station of the children's Four Hills Tournament took place in Reit im Winkl (GER). A total of 116 children found their way to...

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Today the first stage of this year's Children’s Four Hills Tournament took place in Berchtesgaden. At perfect weather conditions 104 children between...

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After a construction period of almost two months, the new track in Bischofshofen was dedicated. The opening jump was made by the Nordic Combined World...

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The ski jumping facility in Gibswil in the Zurich Oberland (CH) has got a new inrun. Although the facility was renovated in 2012, the steel inrun of...

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II-Bischofshofen AUT, neue Anlaufspur, Bernhard Gruber & Walter Hofer

Bischofshofen (AUT), neue Anlaufspur, Stefan Kraft & Johann Pichler


Innovative start-up track systems for ski jumps

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Die schönsten Skisprung-
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Children's Four Hills Tournament, Willi Denifl and Tymoteusz Cienciala

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