The Youth Track Clubtrack - Welt Cup Level for Clubs

Innovative development of our track systems

The basic structure of the Clubtrack is based on the patented system of the Mastertrack Inrun system, which is used in the World Cup. The Clubtrack system from Peter Riedel offers first-class inrun quality for clubs and small hills. And this at a very attractiveprice:

"It is important for us to support the ski clubs in their work with young people and to offer them an inexpensive but no less qualitative solution. The track comes with an easy do-it-yourself assembling system and enables the youngsters to train at the samegood tracks like the "big ones". The track can be used all year round without snow and ice preparation. Therefore the track operates energy cost-neutral, in times like these immense added value!" Peter Riedel


  • Inrun track made of special plastic with high-quality ceramic nubs
  • Durability
  • Minimal maintenance costs
  • The year-round track for every season
  • No cooling system and ice preparation required
  • Resource-saving and energy cost-neutral
  • Very easy system for self-assembly





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