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The small factory of the Peter Riedel GmbH in Raschau, in the Saxonian Ore Mountains, is responsible for developing and assembling the most innovative ski jump parts that lead ski jumps all over the world into a bright future. Year-round, the skilled workforce of up to ten people focuses on the development and production of components for ski jumping in-run track systems.

The Peter Riedel GmbH relies on high-quality material which – once assembled – accounts for the most innovative in-run track systems worldwide. Since installing its first in-run track on a World Cup jump in Trondheim in 2008, the Peter Riedel GmbH to date equipped more than 49 international jumps. Many countries in Middle Europe, the organisers of the New Year‘s jumping in Garmisch Partenkirchen, the Russians, Japanese and even the organizers in Riedel’s hometown of Oberwiesenthal rely on the company’s expertise and commitment. The company is constantly striving to develop even better and more innovative products in close cooperation with jump operators, the Ski Federation FIS and the athletes.