ÖSV stars delighted by Riedel technology

HINZENBACH, 20 June 2013 – The training course of the Austrian ski jumpers which will finish in the next days in the Upper Austrian Hinzenbach has also been a complete success for Peter Riedel GmbH. The newly installed nubs made of porcelain have truly proven themselves – as expected.

“You can’t beat this material”, was the comment of ÖSV head coach Alexander Pointner regarding the innovations on the standard ski jump in Hinzenbach, which will also be the venue for the FIS Summer Grand Prix in late September. In a conversation with company owner Peter Riedel, Pointner was equally impressed and enthusiastic: “Especially when it’s hot, optimum gliding characteristics are important.” “But the porcelain ensures the same conditions at all times, in summer and winter”, Riedel added.  

Of course, the ski jump operators of the UVB Hinzenbach were delighted to hear such positive feedback by the ÖSV stars. “We are a pioneer with the most innovative inrun track in the world”, explained Bernhard Zauner to the ‘Kronen Zeitung’, the medium with the widest circulation in Austria. “Working with Peter Riedel is the best thing that could have happened to us”, said his colleague Franz Starzer. “This way, we are always up-to-date!”

Martin Koch, Wolfgang Loitzl, Stefan Hayböck, Andi Kofler, Stefan Kraft and others tried the Bakken in Hinzenbach. Kofler summarised the verdict: “On porcelain, the guidance of the ski becomes easier, the ski doesn’t knock anymore.” A positive side effect: The inrun speed increases due to the new base. And the newly installed irrigation system of the inrun track also works immaculately.

As said before: the training course of the ÖSV jumpers also made Peter Riedel cheer!