Dear employees, partners, friends and athletes - THANK YOU!

It is back, that time of year we’d like to say “thank you” most. And by that I do not only refer to Christmas time, but concerning our industry I especially refer to winter time. The ski jumping season is in full swing and soon the two highlights of the year – the Four Hills Tournament and the Ski Flying World Championships on the legendary Kulm – will take place.

These two highlights lead me to my first thanks - to the SC Partenkirchen and the organizers at the Kulm. Thank you for your confidence in me, my staff and our product and for your interest in new things and innovations. It honors and pleases me, to be able to equip two such outstanding jumps (or rather already the second one in Partenkirchen) with our latest tracks.

We provide for the requirements for safer and more innovative tracks and have taken small product changes production-wise. Knowing that in the future progress and security will become increasingly important, we are now entirely relying on our own developments. That is why it is all the more important that we – as a medium-sized company - fight against plagiarism. Jobs depend on the fact that our performance is assessed accordingly. Unfortunately, right now we have to deal with such plagiarism developments and I would like to thank the clubs concerned who cooperate with us, appreciate our performance and respect the value of our developments. Because what I want to avoid under all circumstances, is to hinder the youth development work in Germany, just because there are draftsmen who do not adhere to fair competition. Anyone who knows me and my company, knows how much we value and support the development of skiing - and that will always remain a priority.

But enough of such things. It is important to note that 2015 has been a positive and motivating year. We've taken the world's first indoor ski jump in Lucerne in operation, developed new, high quality and good value junior tracks and are on a level of development which is innovative and unique in the world.

We tie the coming year up to the past one - and I'm looking forward to it! Thanks to all those who make this possible, especially our partners and my great staff.

Let's get going – into a new and exciting 2016!