Peter Riedel GmbH upgrades Oberwiesenthal’s K51 jump

In order to rival the greats of ski jumping, it is important that the youth programs are carried out professionally and on a high level. That is something that the persons in charge of the ski club WSC Erzgebirge Oberwiesenthal and the city of Oberwiesenthal have realized long time ago. That’s why this year they campaigned for an upgrade of the youth jump K 51 on the Fichtelberg.

As the cost of 14,000 € was neither provided for in the budget of the city nor the ski club, both partners agreed with the commissioned Peter Riedel GmbH on a unique funding model: The company from the neighboring Raschau installed their new and innovative club track "The Original" on the youth jump at preliminary cost price, in turn the financing will be secured by a fundraiser in favor of the WSC. "In order to ensure the operation of the hill just in time for winter, we could not unnecessarily delay the needed modification. As a company, we are in the fortunate position to be able to stand this financing model in the short term - because in this case it was really all about acting quickly and effectively in order to guarantee the children and youth a training opportunity for the winter”, explains CEO Peter Riedel the extraordinary step. The installed club track is a cost-effective yet high-quality variant of the patented system of Peter Riedel, which has been installed on more than 25 hills worldwide.

The trusting collaboration of all partners as well as the quick installation by the Peter Riedel GmbH made it possible that first trial jumps can be carried out already this week – that means the upcoming ski jumping season on Fichtelberg is in the bag.