Peter Riedel SportsTechnology introduces new track

Stainless steel and porcelain are combined into one top track for clubs

We recall this from the kitchen: porcelain is expensive, porcelain is vulnerable. Stainless steel, however, even seems to survive occasional cooking mishaps. That’s a fact that even the International Ski Federation FIS has understood for many years and thus recommends the less expensive and more robust version of steel tracks to be installed on junior jumps up to K70. A track like that lasts up to 30 years and thus seems ideal for smaller clubs and ski jump operators. So far, the Peter Riedel GmbH has focused mainly on plastic tracks, but will now challenge the stainless steel market with a new, innovative track called “Das Original”.

"We analyzed the stainless steel tracks of various jumps and found one big problem: the existing knobs made of stainless steel have a negative effect on the ski base, especially when the steel is hit by sunlight and the plate heats up to 60°C," explains General Manager Peter Riedel. Riedel  That’s why it got into Riedel’s head to supply the clubs with a track that is innovative, high quality and tailored to their needs.

The challenge in developing the new system was to develop an in-run track, that both met a high standard and yet remains affordable for the teams. The new club track manages exactly that. "It’s a great offer for smaller clubs – even we wonder whether we should extend the series of in-run tracks in Partenkirchen", says Michi Maurer, the head of the SC Partenkirchen, who has already fitted his HS134 and HS89-jumps with tracks by Peter Riedel.

The system can be ordered both as a summer and winter track, or as a combination track. "While developing the track we committed to simplicity. The service and maintenance is minimal, the preparation of the winter track is easy with a simple ice plow and the track itself can be delivered as a self-assembly kit. Furthermore, the stainless steel track manufactured by the Peter Riedel GmbH is equipped with high-performance China knobs instead of stainless steel knobs. "Like that we can guarantee the longevity of the track on the one hand and on the other hand supply a top-notch quality in the inrun behavior," says Riedel. If the clubs nevertheless wish to do so, they can also order high quality stainless steel knobs In addition to these specific characteristics this new system is entirely based upon the patented system Peter Riedel has installed in more than 26 international jumps for decades.

This means, that with the new club track “Das Original” the young jumpers are finally able to train like their big idols...