– New in-run track at the Kulm

If one takes a look at the conditions, which outdoor sports events are struggling with, one realizes that it is often not done with the mere installation of sports facilities. Professional service, regular maintenance and ongoing feedback between service providers and organizers are essential for the professional execution of high-class events.

With this concept, the Peter Riedel GmbH has been working for several years: the Ore Mountains Company does not only install high-quality ski jumping in-runs worldwide, it also takes care of the facilities during the World Cup. Initially started at the 2008 Four Hills Tournament in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, this service since had many follow-ups in Garmisch, Trondheim, Chaux-Neuve or major events such as the EYOF 2015 in Tschagguns or the Ski Flying World Championships 2016 at the Kulm. The Riedel-helpers are working both in ski jumping and Nordic combined, with the trip to Trondheim currently being the longest of the team with 1800km distance.

"Year after year, our employees are on the hills of the world and ensure - with the great teams of the organizers - that the competitions and TV transmissions are secured. Through that professional collaboration many friendships have been built, because we do not only sell quality work, but also feel committed to the sport and the local partners”, says CEO Peter Riedel about the work of his team.

A special highlight this year was the work at Kulm where the Peter Riedel GmbH has equipped the first ski flying jump with a high quality ice track and where the made sure daily - together with two local employees - that during the season everything went smoothly highlight.

From New Year's to mid-February, the hardworking helpers are traveling; this also means that since 2007 New Year is traditionally celebrated in Garmisch-Partenkirchen - always in the know: a few hours later all athletes will find top conditions just meters away. If that is not a reason to celebrate twice as much...!