Flying on the new ice in-run track in Vikersund: Two world records in one day

VIKERSUND - 253.5 meters, so far no one has ever jumped as far as the Austrian ski jumper Stefan Kraft managed to fly in Vikersund yesterday. With this incredible distance, he leveled the record of 252 meters on the "Monsterbakken" just set by the Norwegian ski jumper Robert Johansson minutes earlier - two world records in one day is something that even Vikersund has not yet seen.

In addition to the (nerve) strength of the athletes, the reason for those records is the new in-run track, which has been installed on the world's largest ski jumping hill just a few weeks ago. The new ice in-run track of the Saxonian Peter Riedel GmbH enables a fast, level approach and a fair approach throughout the whole race - without jeopardizing the safety of the athletes.

"This is an incredible development. We had hoped that our track set new standards, but this "record flood", as it is titled in the media, still surprised us”, says managing director Peter Riedel. He didn’t have to wait long for the first congratulations coming his way: Athletes and officials praised the “wicked track” as "smooth as a children's booty". Who knows, maybe this wasn’t the final say in regards to the world record!