The Olympiahaus - a place where you just have to feel good!

Garmisch and Ski Jumping, they just belong together! For 13 years now we have been right in the middle of the „Neujahrsspringen". Unfortunately, this year we have to cancel our much-loved Garmisch trip. Nevertheless, we would like to use this time of the year to say THANK YOU. Thank you to someone very special who deserves to be set in front of the curtain.

What would our annual Garmisch trip be without the Olympiahaus! Almost every time we set up our tents in this traditional hotel, of which history goes back to the 1936 Winter Olympics in Garmisch.

The “good soul of the house” and owner Katrin Ostermair has given the exterior and interior design a unique charm. From the rooms, which make the hearts of the visitors beat faster, you have a wonderful view to the jumping hill. This, combined with the Bavarian cosiness that can be felt in every corner of the house, is a unique combination. Even films have already been produced in the Olympiahaus, including the world-famous film "Eddie the Eagle"

You can see immediately that the entire family is behind the house with body and soul. With a cozy meal on the terrace, which is served by the friendly staff, you feel like you are on vacation, even on business trips. Small culinary tip: the „Obatzter“ and the cheese dumplings are delicious! In addition, Bavarian beer and a folk music, you don't need more!

Over the years a wonderful friendship has developed between us and Katrin, which we are very proud of and look forward to every time we go to Partenkirchen! Katrin, thank you for all your efforts!

Even if we unfortunately cannot be there this year - we are already looking forward to the next time!

Peter and team