Erzbergarena 2.0 about to start

A partnership that began last year with some safety-relevant adaptations in Eisenerz is now being expanded. Last week, Peter Riedel received the confirmation from Eisenerz to be mainly responsible for further adaptations, support and maintenance of the winch technology as well as the inrun tracks.

The city is known as it is home to numerous ski jumping and nordic combinated stars such as Daniela Iraschko-Stolz, Mario Stecher and Lukas Klapfer. The "Erzbergarena", as the ski jumping center is called, is nationally and internationally known as training center. After a few years of operation of the facilities in Eisenerz, some safety and sport-relevant adaptations were necessary last year in order to keep the training and competition center up to date. The ski jumping venue has been an important part of the sporting infrastructure of the city of Eisenerz since 2015, and if Eisenerz calls - we are ready and prepared!

After a short coordination and planning phase in autumn last year, Riedel's Team started right away. System-relevant components, which are essential for training and competition, but above all for the safety of the athletes and employees, were carefully checked and revised or renewed.

“We brought the winch technology up to date and made some further adjustments already in October. It was not an easy task, but primarily necessary to meet the European requirements. At the same time, the milling machine was completely revised in order to achieve the best milling results on the track in the future. In terms of security, those were the most important things that have already been implemented, ”reports CEO and company mastermind Peter Riedel. And what started with the smaller adaptations has now been expanded into a larger partnership.

“We are super happy that we have also been awarded the contract for the further adaptations and conversions. In the next step, we are now also responsible for the entire repair, maintenance and servicing of all winch, cooling and inrun track systems. This is a big deal for us and it is a great honor that we have been hired to do this. It shows that many ski jumping hill operators are completely convinced of our work. Even if it is a big challenge for us as a company, especially since we are not the builder of the system and have to adapt our systems accordingly, ”says Riedel.

We are really looking forward for the update for Erzbergarena 2.0! Peter Riedel and Team