Mo i Rana - five Clubtracks in the high north

We never had a project so far in the north like this! This week we started building the inrun with our Clubtrack on the so far “northernmost” construction site in the company's history. We are talking about the brand new ski jumping center in Mo i Rana (Norway), where with a total of five hills there will be a great training opportunity for the juniors and youth.

Mo i Rana is a six-hour drive north of Trondheim and thus only a few kilometers below the Arctic Circle. So far there have been almost no training opportunities for the young skijumping generation in this region. If you wanted to train, you had to cross the boarder to Sweden. The training conditions there are anything but ideal, or you just accepted the 6-hour drive to Trondheim.

The idea to build the new ski jumping center came by coincidence. In 2019 the ski jumping facility in the city of Namsos, which is halfway from Mo i Rana in the direction of Trondheim, was modernized. The responsible people in Mo i Rana got to know the project and quickly were convinced of the quality. With the necessary motivation, it did not take long before the foundation stone for the training center was laid in Mo i Rana. Since we had already done convincing work with our club track tracks in Namsos, we were also engaged for the project in Mo i Rana.

The construction was already planned for last year, but as with so many things, Corona crossed our plans. The traffic light in Mo i Rana was red for over a year, when finally the construction started this summer. Five modern jumps are being built, the largest with a K-point of 95 meters should even receive an FIS certificate that enables national and international competitions to be held. Peter Riedel GmbH builds the inrun track systems for this as well as part of the wooden substructure, which enables the inrun to be guided precisely to the profile.

It's so good to finally have Norwegian soil under the feet after 473 days at home. We actually wanted to be here two weeks ago, but the strict entry regulations of the Norwegian government thwarted our plans. At the beginning of this week it worked and we were allowed to enter Norway officially and legally. After trips to Holmenkollen, Lillehammer and Trondheim, we arrived in Mo i Rana yesterday. It's amazing what a cool center is emerging here. We thank Mo i Rana for the good cooperation and wish you many long jumps!

A small detail: Mo i Rana is the third mining area after Eisenerz in Austria and the Erzgebirge in Germany, where skijumping is popular and where we are represented with our inrun tracks. It seems that the Nordic athletes are carved from a special stone :-)

Yours sincerely, Peter Riedel