Peter Riedel GmbH is hired for the Nordic Ski World Championships 2025 in Trondheim

Peter Riedel GmbH is once again at the forefront of the nordic ski jumping world. With the construction of the ski jumping facility in Trondheim (NOR), which will be completely rebuilt as part of the Nordic Ski World Championships in 2025, the company from Raschau signed this large and internationally important contract.

To ensure that the sports infrastructure for the Nordic Ski World Championships in Trondheim 2025 is state-of-the-art, the local authorities decided to completely renew the entire skijumping stadium, including the normal hill and large hill. The project, for which Peter Riedel and his team was hired, includes the entire steel construction with the inrun tracks, the stair and bar systems, the inrun watering systems, the ice milling and winch systems as well as all railings and barriers

To say it with simple words: The Peter Riedel GmbH is responsible for everything that is built on the jumping hill substructures. It has already been proven several times that the certified steel construction company delivers quality work even in such dimensions. At the Nordic Ski World Championships in Seefeld 2019, Riedel and his team were responsible for the construction and operation of the track on the historic Bergisel in Innsbruck. 2025 will be the second time in the company's history that their constructions will be “world champion-proven”. Furthermore, Riedel inrun track systems have now been installed on almost 90 ski jumps internationally.

With the assignment in Trondheim, a circle closes for Peter Riedel: “Trondheim was the first ski jump that we equipped with our inrun track system. That was the beginning of our success story. Now, exactly 13 years later, me and my team can once again be part of something really big here in Trondheim. It makes me very proud and shows how much our work is appreciated. The moment when we signed the contract for Trondheim was really emotional for me, ”says Peter Riedel, who still is in charge personally of all technical planning.

The process up to the signing of the contract turned out to be not easy. However, Riedel thinks he knows why the decision was made in his favor. “The clients held a complete company analysis, in which we were checked for our competencies, quality standards, our profitability and our company structure. With a score of 90%, the outcome was extremely positive for us. Maybe it was also crucial that we manufacture everything ourselves in Germany and do not buy in from third countries. Transparency and quality are extremely important for Scandinavians”continues the CEO.

Construction is scheduled to start in the summer of 2022. Until then, all of the parts will be manufactured in the in-house factory in Raschau and everything will be prepared for final assembly.