4Hills Let's go!

Right for the half-time of the Four hills tournament, when all the teams and the staff move to Austria, we will also join the happening! The Austrian Ski Association asked us for a support of the competition service in Innsbruck and Bischofshofen - and nothing better than that, we are happy to respond to the call from Austria! Even if there were again some hurdles - entry to Austria, multiple PCR tests, etc. - to be overcome.

We already used today's restday to run an intensive inrun check at the Bergisel. Really brilliant preparatory work has been done so far! For tomorrow's qualification we only have to do some small fine-tuning, except that everything is set up!

We assume that the track in Bischofshofen is in a similarly good shape. The entire jumping hill crew has been reorganized with a lot of young and motivated people. Despite the still limited experience, you can feel that they want to do everything perfectly and leave nothing to chance. "We are very motivated to support the new crew in Bischofshofen with our expertise," said Peter Riedel, looking forward to his mission in Austria.

Also because in Bischofshofen there is not “only” one competition as part of the tour, also two World Cups are held immediately afterwards. What a big program! The weather god seems to be nice, the coming week should be good with temperatures in the slight plus range. There is not much left to say except that we are really happy to finally start the Tour!

We wish you a happy new year, good health and exciting competitions!

Peter Riedel and team