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With a system for height adjustment of the take-off the Peter Riedel GmbH brings a further innovation on the market of inrun track constructions.


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In the middle of Tellerhäuser in the ore mountains a special winter sports monument now has its place - a 3.3 meters high snowman build by the Peter...

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An unfamiliar picture offered the viewers last weekend in Rheinparkcenter in Neuss. On the ground floor of the shopping center, the winter season was...

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Auch wenn die Skisprungsaison langsam dem Ende zugeht - bei uns können Sie sich noch Skisprungfeeling holen!

Von 12. - 13. April, also heute und...

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Even after the winter, Peter Riedel does not calm down. Since some days, the Peter Riedel GmbH is an officially approved metal construction company of...

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Image movie 2018 Peter Riedel sportstechnology

II-Bischofshofen AUT, neue Anlaufspur, Bernhard Gruber & Walter Hofer

Bischofshofen (AUT), neue Anlaufspur, Stefan Kraft & Johann Pichler


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